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How do I book?
The preferred method is by telephoning us on 0423 466 331

or you could email

Once your booking has been made; A booking conformation will be sent out to you.

How much notice do I need to give you for a booking?
You can book anytime however bookings get very busy so please book as early as possible to avoid disappointment

Do you charge more on Public Holidays?
Yes a $50 surcharge applies on public holidays

How do I pay?
Most people choose to pay cash on the day; we DO NOT accept credit card payments. Cheque payments or bank transfers need to be received in sufficient time for funds to clear before the booking date. Cheques WILL NOT except or any other transfers on the day


How long should we allow for the Slushie machine before we can use it?
The Slushie machine takes around 60 minutes before you can start using it. We say to allow 90 minutes (because it depends on the temperature of the day).

Can we Buy extra Syrups for our Slushie Machine Hire?
Yes you can. Syrups are $20 and makes 10 litres. Syrups can be returned if not used.

Do we need to clean the Slushie machine before or after we use it?
We clean the machine before your party and after pickup.

Do you provide the alcohol with the cocktail machine?
No. It is illegal for our company to provide you with the alcohol unless you are a licensed venue or have a liquor licence. We can provide you with a recipes to make frozen cocktails, cocktails or shots. But cannot provide the alcohol.

Who sets up the cocktail machine?
Our friendly delivery drivers will set the cocktail machine and got through everything with you on the day.

Do we need to provide anything for you?
Yes. We need one standard power point and a sturdy table or bench top for the machine to sit on that can hold 80kgs for a twin bowl and 110kgs.
Plastic trestle tables and glass tables cannot be used

Can we add ice to the Slushie / Cocktail machine?
No. Do not add Ice at any time.

Can we have one side of the cocktail machine with alcohol and the other side without alcohol for the kids?

We do not provide the alcohol so it is up to if you want to add alcohol or not. I do however suggest that you get two Single Slushie machines on this occasion and have them at different sides of the room. Also a different colour flavour would be a great idea so you can have a kids colour and an adults colour. However; closely supervise the machine with alcohol in it so no under age child can reach or access the machine without an adult’s permission.

How many drinks will you get out of the cocktail machine?
Depending on what cups you use and how much you fill them. You will get approximately 50 drinks out of one bowl of syrup (Syrups make 10L)

If the liquid runs out during the night, can we add our own cordial or soft drink to the cocktail machine?

No. You cannot add your cordial or soft drink to the Slushie machine. This is because the Slushie machine requires a specially formulated mix so that it freezes at the right consistency. If you add your own mix it may not freeze at all, or it might freeze too much and break the gear box in the Slushie machine, and then you will be liable for the repairs.

Pease Note: If you are concerned that you may run out of cocktail mix during the night, you can order extra refills for your cocktail machine. If you don’t open them and don’t use them, you wont be charged for them.

What is the difference between a Slush machine, a Daiquiri machine and a Cocktail machine?

This is a common question that we get asked. A Cocktail machine, Slush machine and a Daiquiri machine are all the same thing. These words are just what people use to describe them. A Daiquiri is a better description because daiquiris’ are traditionally made in an icy format. Cocktails are usually liquid, but because the industry can offer all cocktails in a frozen format many people have come to describe them as frozen cocktail machines.

What if need to cancel the Hire?
You need to provide us with at least 7 days notice of your intention to cancel; if you cancel less than 7 days we may not be able to rehire the Slushie Machine out.



What flavour cakes are available?
chocolate mud / white chocolate or butter cake

Do I ring them directly or do you organise it for us?
It would be better to contact them directly. However we can orgainse it for you

Can you design an edible image to match my invites?


We suggest that you book in as early as you can to avoid any disappointment!



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